Desktop-Reminder 1.7

Task planner for Windows to manage your tasks and other to-dos in easy way
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Desktop-Reminder is a friendly, easy-to-use and effective freeware task planner for Windows that allows you to quickly manage your tasks and other to-do in a really easy way.
It can list all the tasks which are urgent for that day.

Main features:

--- There are two advantages of using Desktop-Reminder instead of other task planner:

-You can be notified even few months earlier about your task. In such a way you are able to quit every long-term contract (i.e. contract cellular phone) right on time.
-There is no need to input annoying begin/end time of day for the task - who cares, at what time is grandma's birthday? You win simplicity of use.

--- If you define time of day for the task, you can be adequate early notified (in the range of one minute to few hours) about your task. You don't miss your favorite TV-program and you don't bid too late on eBay.

--- Benefits for inexperienced users:
-No need to input from/to, start/end time of the task,
-12 month calendar with calendar weeks,
-Task-notification up to few months ahead

--- Functions for advanced users:
-Yearly, monthly or weekly task repeating (i.e. on 1st of January, or 2nd Saturday in month, or simply on Fridays),
-Message notifications for tasks with defined time of day (tomorrow at 15:45 make a bid on eBay),
-First day of the week in the calendar is adjustable (Sunday, Monday)

System requirements:

- Computer with 32- or 64-bit operating system: Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP with installed .NET Framework 2.0 (if the .NET Framework 2.0 is absent, the EXE-Installer will ask you to automatically download and install it. The .NET Framework can be also independently downloaded from the Microsoft web site and installed on your own.)

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